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The website www.diamondee-makeup.com is owned and managed by DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p. (hereinafter: company). The website was set up for the purpose of informing the public about the company and its products. We kindly ask all visitors of this online platform to comply with all of the following contractual terms and conditions. By using this website and placing an order you are confirming that you have read the terms and conditions, understand and accept them and fully agree to them.                                                                         

We ensure the satisfaction of our customers by accurately and promptly entering accurate information regarding our offers, with technical and legal security of visitors and customers, protection of personal information, by promptly resolving problems, misunderstandings and disputes, and by being always available for additional clarification before and after purchase.

The company reserves the right to change the content of the site or stop updating it at any time without prior notice, and assumes no liability for future renewal of the website. The company may change the products, prices, or programs described on this site. Use of a company trademark is permitted only with the prior permission of the company.

The buyer can be a legal or natural person, considering the information provided at the time of registration or placing an order. The consumer under these contractual terms is simply a natural person who obtains or uses goods and services for purposes outside his profitable activity.

When preparing the business conditions, we have complied with the Consumer Protection Act, the Consumer Protection Act against unfair commercial practices, Extrajudicial Settlement Act, Consumer Dispute Resolution Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, the Electronic Communications Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. In the case of ambiguity or in cases not specifically stated in these terms, the provisions of the said laws shall apply. The General business conditions determine the operation of the online store and the rights and obligations of the user and the company. When placing the order, the buyer is reminded of the general terms of business and confirms his familiarity with them by placing the order. Contract terms may be accessed by customers on the website at any time; the conclusion of the contract is considered to be the completed order and the email confirmation, which is sent to the buyer to his email address after he places an order.



Each registered user has his username and password, which he uses to present himself personally or as a representative of a company or organization. Passwords are secret and only known to the user. User is obliged to ensure credible information and protection of such information, so that only he or the person authorized to act on his behalf can access the site on his behalf and with his password.

Registered users can use certain benefits:

- buy with more favorable terms,

- participate in prize contests.



On the website we post prices in EUR that include 22% VAT. Prices are valid at the time of placing and order and may not be valid in the future. Offer is valid until canceled. As a rule, discounts and other campaigns do not add up and cannot be used at the same time.

In the event that the product priced is incorrect or if the price changes during the processing of the order, the company will allow the buyer to withdraw from the purchase.



Online store allows the following payment methods:

Payment on delivery         

  • Payment on delivery is only possible for deliveries within Slovenia. We reserve the right to allow this payment method only to regular customers. At the same time this payment method is not available to customers that have already placed an order in the past through Diamondee online store and did not pick up the sent package which was consequently returned to the company.
  • If a buyer does not pick up the package and delivery services return it at the expense of our company, you will be charged the cost of sending a package in the amount of 10€ + VAT.

Payment with Paypal         

Paypal is considered to be the safest online payment method.



The buyer is in addition to product costs obligated to pay the shipping as well, except when ordering products marked with "free delivery", if the products are subject to certain discounts or promotional codes for the purpose of free delivery, or if the purchase is exempt from payment of the shipping costs (whereby it is the duty of the buyer to mark the “free delivery” option when placing the order).

Company dispatches packages from Monday to Friday. The product is sent no later than three working days after customer receives order confirmation via email. Shipping is also possible for customers living abroad.

Shipping costs for Slovenia: standard delivery 2,90 EUR (3-5 working days), express delivery 4,90 EUR (1-2 working days); orders over 40 EUR are exempt from shipping charges, but the company reserves the right to exceptions. Shipping costs for other countries: standard delivery 5,90 EUR (6-10 working days), express delivery 9,90 EUR (3-5 working days); orders over 80 EUR are exempt from delivery, but the company reserves the right to exceptions.



Buyer can make a purchase in an online store without registering. Buyer has the opportunity to review the order before confirming the order and make corrections regarding the selected products and quantity. After confirming the purchase, the buyer can make corrections of the order (change of address, etc.) by sending an e-mail notification, but only until the date of dispatch of goods.

Buyer selects a product from the offers of online store and desired quantity and confirms the selection by clicking the button "Add to cart"; when purchasing multiple items, the same procedure applies to each individual item. Once the selection of items by the buyer is completed, the buyer has an overview of the items and a summary of the products in the cart. After reviewing the contents of the cart, the buyer confirms the choice by clicking on the "Complete purchase" button, after which the buyer follows the steps for entering contact information, personal information, delivery information (and displaying shipping costs) and payment method. After all the information has been entered, the purchase process is completed by confirming the full order summary by clicking on the "Confirm order" button.

After placing an order the customer receives a notification about the order via email and phone. The buyer has the opportunity to review the contents of the order and, in the case of errors, to cancel the order; the order can be canceled no later than 2 hours after placing the order by email lashes@diamondee-makeup.com. In case of cancellation by e-mail, the following information must be included in the message: in the subject of the message: Cancellation of the order and your order number; and in the content of the message: a) product name b) customer name and surname c) customer address.

If the buyer does not cancel the order, the order will be processed by the company (hereinafter: the seller). Upon reviewing the order, seller checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms or rejects the order with reason, and sends the buyer a notice of receiving the order. When the order is dispatched, the seller informs the buyer by e-mail about estimated delivery time. If the goods are in stock, the seller will properly pack the goods within three working days and send the package to the buyers address. Along with the ordered, the buyer also receives the original invoice.

The contract of sale between the seller and the buyer is concluded at the moment when the buyer confirms the order (the buyer receives an e-mail with the status "Order confirmed"). From this moment on, all prices and other terms of purchase are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer. The purchase contract is not kept by the company, but the traceability of the orders executed by pressing the "Confirm order" button is.



In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, in the case of distance and off-premises contracts, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without having to give reasons for withdrawal. The withdrawal from the contract or order is considered after submission of the completed order withdrawal form within 14 days of receiving the shipment to lashes@diamondee-makeup.com. The option of withdrawal applies only to consumers and does not apply to legal persons in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.


Buyer that withdraws from the agreement or contract should return the product/products along with the order withdrawal form, no later than 14 days after the notice of withdrawal has been sent. It is considered that the buyer submitted the withdrawal statement in due time if he sends it within the time limit set for withdrawal from the contract. The only cost to be borne by the buyer / consumer in the event of withdrawal from the contract is the cost of returning the goods, which is charged according to the applicable delivery service price list. The burden of proof regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal under this article shall be borne by the consumer.

The buyer is obliged to compensate for any damage caused to the products or packaging. The product is returned by the buyer as a parcel shipment or as a registered letter in a bubble envelope. A copy of the invoice and an order withdrawal form must be included along returned products.

The buyer must return the goods to the seller's address no later than 14 days after the notice of withdrawal. Goods are considered to be returned on time if they are sent before the expiry of the 14 day return period. 

It is not possible to withdraw from the contract in the following cases:

- if the seller determines that the product has been used as the goods and products are of cosmetic nature, therefore, for hygienic and health reasons, the return is not possible, (the adhesive tape / seal, which holds the product in place in the packaging, has already been peeled off),         

- if the seller determines that the returned goods are damaged or that the quantity returned does not match,         

- if the seller determines , that the packaging in which the product has been packaged, is damaged.         


For better understanding of the rights to return products, we quote an explanation from the market inspectorate (source: Information - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia Newsletter, January 20, 2012, issue 3): “When it comes to the right to withdraw from a distance contract it should be known that this withdrawal from the contract can be established when there is nothing wrong with product itself, but this right goes to the consumer because of the very nature of the contract - the conclusion of a distance contract. The right to withdraw from the contract is not about consumer not knowing what is he buying (in principle, the consumer also knows what he is ordering with other things), but simply because he can change his mind within the legally set time limit and in the event of hasty decision wants to reverse the decision and withdraw from the contract. It should also be known that the distance contract does not give more rights to the consumer than concluding contract in the traditional way (that is, by visiting the store). Thus, the consumer cannot and must not use the goods received until the withdrawal from the contract, since this is not a purchase for testing, where a test of the goods would be a condition for maintaining the contract in force. The consumer may therefore only examine and test the goods received to the extent strictly necessary to establish the actual situation and as is customary in brick and mortar stores. Any "testing" which deviates from this can be considered as the use of goods, which means that the consumer thereby loses the right to withdraw from the contract. The right to withdraw from the contract gives the consumer no further right, but only the opportunity to reconsider his purchase decision even after he has already received the goods and, if his decision was hasty, change his decision and withdraw from the contract. It does however not give him the right to use the goods."    

The seller is not obliged to consider complaints about the products for which it is found to have been damaged as a consequence of irregular or inappropriate use, which is not necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. If you wish to reclaim the product after the claim has been rejected, we will send it to you, charging you for the costs associated with the delivery of such product, but you may pick up the product at our pickup location.

Order withdrawal form

In case of withdrawing from the contract, the buyer will be refunded the full purchase price within the shortest time, or within 14 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal. Refund payments are not made by the seller until the goods are returned. The refund is made by transferring the amount to your personal bank account, which is why the buyer must also enter the personal account number on the order withdrawal form.

You can find the order withdrawal form HERE.



The seller is responsible for any material defects in the goods. A product has a material defect if it does not have the characteristics necessary for its normal use; if the item does not have the characteristics necessary for the specific use for which the buyer is purchasing it, which was known or should have been known to the seller; if the item does not have features or attributes that have been explicitly agreed upon or prescribed, or if the seller has delivered the item that does not match the pattern or model, unless the pattern or model was shown for the purpose of notification. Suitability of goods for normal use shall be assessed according to the usual products of the same type and regarding any merchant's statements about the characteristics of the goods. Liability for material defects is assessed in accordance with the provisions of the law governed by the Code of Obligations.


A material defect can be asserted within two months from the day the defect is detected. The buyer must provide the seller with completed material defect form, where the defect is described in detail. In this case, the seller has the right to inspect the goods properly, so the buyer must send the product to the seller's address along with the form. The Seller is not responsible for any material defects in the goods which appear after two years have elapsed since the item was delivered. A defect is considered to have existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within six months of delivery. The seller replies to the customer's complaint and claim of a material defect within 8 days of receiving the product and note about the defect.

A consumer who has properly informed the seller of a defect and has been granted a claim for material defect has the right to ask the seller to correct the defect or return a proportionate amount of the purchase price paid or replace the product with a new one or return the amount paid.

In order to claim a material defect, the buyer / consumer informs us of the defect within the legal time limit and allows us to inspect the item.

The form for asserting material defect can be found HERE.



 Certain individuals who are professionally engaged in makeup and cosmetic services (professional makeup artists) are allowed to enter the Diamondee Lashes PRO CARD club. Diamondee Lashes PRO CARD club gives its members a 40% discount on online purchases of products in a way that each member (hereinafter: member), upon approval of the membership application, receives its own discount code for online purchases.


Diamondee Lashes PRO CARD Club offers its members the following benefits:

- 40% discount on all products in the online store         

- invitations to exclusive events and product launches         

- early access to new collections and special offers         


Individual makeup artists can apply for membership directly via the user registration form. When completing the required information for general registration and creating a user profile (name, surname, email address), the candidate must also submit a photocopy of the certificate for the completed makeup course and provide their social network information (Instagram, Facebook)

Upon receiving the application, the company examines the adequacy of all the submitted documentation and, in the case of missing or defective documentation, invites the candidate to complete it or simply informs him/her within 30 days of receiving the application about the decision. If approved, the member receives a unique password for the online store, which is non-transferable. By accepting these terms and conditions, the member agrees and undertakes not to misuse and pass on the discount code to third parties. Abuse of the discount code results in deactivation of the discount code and loss of Diamondee Lashes PRO CARD membership.

The decision of the company to approve membership is based on the business interest of the company. The company reserves the right to refuse access to membership to the candidate without giving any reason.




All activities related to carrying out prize contests on the website are performed by DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p., possible other co-organizers participate as sponsors or co-organizers of prize contest.

The prize contest is only open to registered users of the web portal, which carry out all the activities necessary to participate in the prize contest. By completing the activities they become participants of the prize contest and accept these rules and special conditions of participation. In the event that company does not receive sent information for any reason (an error when submitting data, problems with sending information over the Internet, an error in the program for monitoring registrations and the like) or receives it at a later date, the person is unfortunately unable to participate in the prize contest.  

If the winner is a foreigner who does not have a Slovenian tax number, they must submit only a personal document from which the identification information can be obtained (name, address, place of residence, country of residence, country of tax residence, personal identification number). Non-residents who have a Slovenian tax number must also provide their Slovenian tax number.

Participants in the prize contest are aware of the possibility of winning prizes, which may be subject to taxation in terms of the Income Tax Act. The prize winner is obliged to provide the organizer with the tax number and other information necessary to pay out the prize within 48 hours after receiving the notification by e-mail. If they do not provide the necessary information within 48 hours of receiving the e-mail notification, no prize will be awarded. Prize contests end on the last day of prize contest, regardless of whether it is a working day or non-working day.

None of the employees of the organizer, co-organizer, sponsor or provider and their relatives can participate in the prize contests. The draw is conducted by a representative of DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p. All decisions of the committee are final and irrevocable. Access to the official draw record is accessible to all participants at the headquarters of DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p. if requested in writing within one year after the draw.  

The prize may be awarded by the organizer, a co-organizer or sponsor of the prize contest. The prize winner is obliged to sign the "Statement of acceptance and value of the prize" before receiving the prize at the address communicated to him by the organizer, not later than 15 days after the end of the contest. After this term the prize can no longer be redeemed. The prize is not transferable to a third party.

At the request of the winner, we can ensure the delivery of the prize to his address. In this case the winner is obliged to cover the shipping costs. Participants in prize contest allow the organizer, co-organizer and sponsor to store, process and use their personal information in sales processes, research and inform potential buyers in accordance with applicable regulations. Organizer, co-organizer and sponsor will not share personal information with a third party. Upon written request, they will enable deletion of participant's record from the list.  

Specific terms and conditions of participation, including the name of the prize draw, prize pool, duration of the prize draw, information on other organizers of the contest, date of the draw and publication of results are published on the pages of the particular prize contest and apply only to it.



The company will provide the buyer either online or upon written request with the following information:

- company information (name, company base, register number),         

- contact information (email, telephone),         

- essential characteristics of the products,         

- final price of the goods or goods in an amount which already includes tax or a method of calculating the price, if due to the nature of the goods this cannot be calculated in advance,         

- payment and delivery terms of the product,         

- period of time for which the offer is valid,         

- terms and conditions in the event of cancellation of the contract and the possible cost of returning the goods,         

- information about filing a complaint,         

- information about the customer support contact person,         

- information about responsibility for material defects.         

If you are unable to find certain information on the website, we are available to help at lashes@diamondee-makup.com.



 Company DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p. undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of users and customers, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04.2016 and Consumer Protection Act.

All details concerning the processing of personal data can be found in the rules of Protection of personal data document. The user is aware that he or she is obliged to provide his / her personal information in the correct and true form, and is also obliged to inform the online merchant about the change of his / her data. By accepting these terms and conditions, the user confirms that the information he has provided is correct and true.

All full-time or part-time employees at the company who have access to the personal and other information of users are aware of the duty to protect personal and other information and are obliged to comply with provisions about protecting personal data confidentiality and privacy of online shop users. The duty of data protection applies for an unlimited period of time, even after the termination of the relationship with the company.



 We use several security-protection systems on our web sites to provide adequate protection against loss, disclosure, unwanted changes, or misuse of information. We use SSL technology to transmit all personal information, which ensures proper encryption of all information.

Only authorized persons (employees, contractors) with a username and password have access to the collected personal information. Please help us protect your personal information by ensuring that your username and password are secure.



 The company will contact the user through the means of distance communication, unless explicitly opposed by the user. Promotional emails will prominently show how to unsubscribe from receiving promotional messages. Company will respect the decision of user who wishes not to receive promotional messages.



 The www.diamondee-makeup.com online store and all information that it contains, as well as product images, graphics and video elements on the website are protected and may not be reproduced or used without our prior written permission.



 The company DEE4BEATY Doroteja Premužič s.p. strives for the peaceful and consensual settlement of mutual disputes. In case you have any complaints, compliments, additional questions or need assistance, we are available at lashes@diamondee-makeup.com or at phone number provided on the front page.

The seller strives to resolve any disputes by mutual agreement. If this is not possible, the court in Maribor has the jurisdiction over such disputes.


Information on register entry

DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p.

Headquarters: Trg revolucije 2, 2000 Maribor

Registration number: 649463300

Tax number: 353371

Taxable person: NO

Company register entry: 20.11.2013

Authority: AJPES, Maribor Branch

Standard Classification of Activities - SKD: 82.300 (Organization of conventions, trade shows and meetings), 47.910 (Retail sale of cosmetic and toiletry products)


Dispute settlement platform

Buyers and consumers have the ability to resolve their online order disputes without court involvement. The dispute settlement platform is available at:


Company DEE4BEAUTY Doroteja Premužič s.p. in accordance with the Act on the extrajudicial settlement of consumer disputes announces that it does not recognize any out-of-court settlement providers to be in charge of settling the dispute that can be triggered by the consumer.