• Apply mascara to your own lashes first and wait for it to dry. This way, no mascara buildup ever gets on the false lashes, which extends their life and the number of wears. In the meantime, prepare your false lashes. First, gently take them out of the box and measure the band length on your eyes. If the band is too long, cut them properly at the outer corner (we suggest you cut between the clusters) and measure the band again to be sure you've cut enough. Don't forget to cut off the clear band at the inner corner, so the lashes won't irritate your eyes. Then apply your strip lash adhesive to to the band and wait a few seconds for it to dry down a bit - this way, it will be easier for you to put them on without messing up. 
  • To make sure lash adhesive doesn't build up on the band, when you remove the lashes after wear, use tweezers or your fingers and gently remove any stuck-on glue. Be sure to do this after every use if you want to prevent buildup.
  • Reusable up to 30 wears or more if cared for properly.
  • Our lashes come in a luxury storage box. When you're done wearing them, you can put them back in the box until you're ready to shine again.
  • Don't get lashes wet.